Wedding Videography

Coverage vs Storytelling

Most videographers use the word “coverage.” That basically means they pointed the video camera at the couple and hit the record button. The word “coverage” says nothing about artistic vision. Our videographers go further than just providing coverage; our videographers use their cameras to capture your personality and tell your story. Check out those sample videos below to see how each film is uniquely crafted to portray each couple.

Technology and Technique

Pairing amazing technology with inspired storytelling produces an unforgettable wedding video. If you’d like to chat for a bit and nerd out with us, we’d love to talk about the amazing technology we bring to each video shoot. Some of this stuff is so cool it sounds like sci-fi.

But new technology alone doesn’t make you a professional. Working in the wedding field for 15 years means that we have the experience and judgement that you’d expect from seasoned professionals. We understand the importance of being respectful during religious ceremonies. We understand the importance of staying out of the way to keep the attention on the moment.

We’re simultaneously old-skool and high-tech. Mixing new technology with time-tested techniques gives us the best of both worlds.

Sample 5-minute Recaps

Alex & Andy:

Samantha & Grayson:

Serena & Terri:

Chrissy & Leslie:

Videography Packages

Videography Package A
one videographer
up to 9 hours
raw footage included
Videography Package B
two videographers
up to 12 hours
raw footage included
5 minute recap
Videography Package C
two videographers
up to 12 hours
raw footage included
5 minute recap
full length edit

Are these options not right for your budget? Ask us about customizing a package for a better fit!

Testimonial Video

Let’s Talk

Appointments via Zoom call, FaceTime, or phone call are usually 30 minutes to an hour and we’d get a chance to discuss how we can customize our workflow to your wedding day. Please reach out to set up an appointment!

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    Video Edit Worksheet (Video Package B — recap only)

    Video Edit Worksheet (Video Package C — full-length video with recap)