Wedding Videography

Coverage vs Storytelling

Much like a photographer chooses the best spot, sets up the best lighting, puts the right lens on the camera, a good videographer has to do the same. We work alongside the photography crew so that we both get the best angle and neither crew has to take the second-best shot.

Technology and Technique

Pairing amazing technology with inspired storytelling produces an unforgettable wedding video.

But new technology alone doesn’t make you a professional. Working in the wedding field for a decade means that we have the experience and judgement that you’d expect from a seasoned professional. We understand being respectful during religious ceremonies and staying out of the way to keep the attention on the couple. We’ve dealt with wedding emergencies and often are able to apply preventative measures to avoid them. Mixing new technology with time-tested techniques gives us the best of both worlds.

Sample 5-minute Recaps

Alex & Andy:

Samantha & Grayson:

Serena & Terri:

Chrissy & Leslie:

Videography Packages

Videography Package A
one videographer
up to 9 hours
raw footage included
Videography Package B
two videographers
up to 12 hours
raw footage included
5 minute recap
Videography Package C
two videographers
up to 12 hours
raw footage included
5 minute recap
full length edit

Are these options not right for your budget? Ask us about customizing a package for a better fit!

Visit Us

We love getting to meet couples for in-person consultations! Appointments in Medford are usually around an hour and you’d get a chance to see our work up close and in person:

  • 5-minute recaps
  • Full length videos
  • Selected highlights of our coolest wedding footage throughout the years
  • Examples of our post-production techniques

Meeting in person also gives us an opportunity to learn about each other’s personalities. Wedding videography is a very personal service and getting to meet several times before the wedding really helps build comfort levels and establish trust.

Testimonial Video

Contact Us

Please send us a message to inquire about your wedding date. We’re usually able to respond within an hour (unless we’re out a wedding)!

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